Cashflow is king
— Louise Fitzgerald-Baker, Property Developer, Speaker & Business Coach of The Pink Hard Hat

What is your business about?

The Pink Hard Hat's mission is to inspire, educate and encourage women to be financially independent.

What's one financial tip you'd like to share?

Cashflow is king. This sounds obvious but when running a business I frequently see that people mistake money in their account for cash. However once GST and other taxes are taken out they are running at a net loss. It is important to understand the difference.

What would you tell your younger self about money? And why?

Start investing young. Work towards residual income. Buy that property in Lane Cove !!! (haha the fish that got away...)

What are some of your earliest money memories?

When I was 8 years old my mother used to call me her "little business woman" even when I was cleaning the house! She was careful to promote us as always being in business. We worked from a young age - I was 10 working the counter in the newsagents - giving out change and running the register. It was fun, like a game to me, but powerful to be part of the family's work.

What else have you learned about money?

As important as it is to save, don't be afraid to celebrate the wins along the way. take a holiday, have a special meal to commemorate success.

How would you define financial freedom?

Financial freedom is not having to "work" or worry about money ever again. It tends to be a journey though, not a destination. I am working on achieving a more permanent experience of that.

Tell us anything else you'd like to share about money

It comes down to spending less than you generate. Financial freedom can be a state of mind. I know people who are wealthy but not free. Conversely I know people who have less material goods but are comfortable and enjoy life. It is a balance.

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