Don’t trust others with your money and ‘if it sounds too good to be true’ - it usually is
— Joanne Stuhmcke, Investment Coach/Investor/Trader of Your Investment Coach Pty Ltd

Hi, I'm Joanne, an investor, trader and property owner who works as a tax consultant and investment coach. I'm passionate about helping others understand how easy investing can be.

What is your business about?

YIC is a unique solution for investors to help them expand their investing knowledge and improve their investing skills. I provide weekly insights into my personal trading and investing journal and members can learn from my analysis of a range of investing decisions in real time.

What's the quick financial tip you'd like to share?

Never under estimate the power of compounding and don't give up because you don't feel like you are getting anywhere - starting early and making small incremental steps will help you reach your long term goals!

What would you tell your younger self about money? And why?

Don't trust others with your money and 'if it sounds too good to be true' - it usually is. Early on, we were convinced to invest for a high level of tax deductions - we lost our investment and had to pay the tax back as well - an expensive lesson.

What are some of your earliest money memories?

We lived in a semi-rural community and while Mum and Dad worked, we also kept chooks to make extra money - it was my job to go and collect the eggs and get them ready to sell - the memories of going out in the biting cold (we lived in Tassie) have always stayed with me - but it was important, we all pitched in to earn a few more dollars which the whole family got to enjoy.

Please share a story that taught you something about money - what have you learned?

I bought a small block of land when I was 19 for a ridiculously low amount in a small seaside town.... sold it when I was 23 because I wanted a new car... roll on 20 or so years and the block would have been worth ten times what I paid for it. I know because my mother owns the house next door... always kick myself for only looking at the short term. I've learned to frame every money decision I make around my long term goals and my values.

How would you define financial freedom?

Having the flexibility to choose how, when and how much I work.... I am very close to this now and am counting the days until I can 'semi-retire'!

Tell us anything else you'd like to share about money

I got into the habit of 'paying myself first' very early on and it's my very best money habit. Having my money automatically going to different bank accounts so that I know that (a) my bills are covered (b) I am saving for the long term and (c) I am saving for short term things like holidays allows me the freedom to spend whats left without having to worry about budgeting. That is very satisfying and takes the stress out of money week to week.

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