Learning how to invest is the only way you can get more. And never forget to give back to our society when you become wealthy
— Janice

I am Janice, a international student from Hong Kong.

What's a quick financial tip you'd like to share?

"You could never be a billionaire if you only save your money. Learning how to invest is the only way you can get more. And never forget to give back to our society when you become more wealthy." It is our responsibility to give back and noone becomes successful without others' support. I believe it is just like a virtuous cycle that make more people become successful.

What would you tell your younger self about money? And why?

I'd tell myself to learn how to spend - the first step on how to invest. Sometimes, you need to give up something in order to get more. If you never know how to waive, you can never take more. When I was young, I only know to save my money. Therefore, the money I saved became less valued over time. If I knew how to smartly spend my money, maybe I could have more now.

What are some of your earliest money memories?

I was from a single parent family. My mother just gave me little pocket money every week. Thus, I needed to save those money up to buy a chocolate bar every end of the month. One day, I discovered a box of coins, where it contains a lot of small face value of coins. As there were a lot, I did not think my mom would count the numbers of coins in that box. Therefore, every week, when my mom was not at home, I would get some coins to buy an ice-cream or some other snacks I would like to have. One day, my mom noticed that box of coins getting fewer and fewer. She asked me and my brother where those coins were. I frankly told her I took those coins to buy things. My mom scolded me that those coins are limited edition and their actual value worth thousands times more than what their face value are. At that time, I realised that the value of the money can either increase or decrease overtime, depending on how you define what the money is.

Please share a story that taught you something about money - what have you learned?

I started working when I was seventeen just after my public exams. When I got my first pay, I spent those money to buy gifts to the people I would like to say thanks. Since my mom taught me to show your respect and thankful to those who helped you before when you got the ability, I bought some little gifts to them. I have learnt that money is about your responsibility as an adult to help others and show your care to your families or anybody around you. Money is more than what you think, is something that let you help those less fortunate.

How would you define financial freedom?

For me, financial freedom means I can manage the money without anybody's control.

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