I’m Roy. An extremely organized person who is focused on producing results and really enjoys meeting and working with a lot of different people.


What's the best piece of financial advice you've received, or a quick financial tip you'd like to share?

I was always been told to save for rainy day because emergency doesn't come at your doorstep with an invitation. Also, making a habit of saving in small tranches from childhood which helped me a lot and on the other hand I also understood the meaning of savings.

Please share a story that taught you something about money - what have you learned?

Money is important in life but not every time, the fact is there should be a proper balance between Money and Life. My dad have taught me two beautiful lessons about money that 1st "You should not always run after money because the more importance you will give to money, more you will lose your own importance in life" 2nd "Whenever in life, if you lose money no matter how big or small amount it is, always remember you may lose everything but one thing which you cannot lose that is destiny and the courage of earning the money again". 

Tell us anything else you'd like to share about money ....

When I start thinking about my financial future, it's not predictable and that's where it can be really stressful.  Thinking deeply about the future without any concrete solution doesn't feel like it can get you anywhere.  But after attending a seminar about the importance of Money and Investment, I realised that saving now will be the key to comfortable future during old age.  At my age, I have the energy to earn money.  So if I earn and invest some part of it starting young, that will be good for the future.  So I have adopted this as a universal habit - save then spend that is my habit with money management.  Right now, I'm trying to expand the proportion of how much of my income is saved each month.

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