If you have a partner, get on the same page, have the conversations, make it a priority.
— Hannah Macauley

Hi, I'm Hannah, a Less Stress Enthusiast! With a Bachelor of Behavioural Science and Myers Briggs Type Indicator Administrator qualifications in combination with over nine years inspired by my work in Community Mental Health I want to challenge 'busy/tired/stressed' norm! 

Using science, both biology and psychology to support you to reduce your everyday stress. We strip back stress to its biological function, look at the preferences you were born with and life's 'add-ons' to support awareness, and if you choose, change, to reduce your everyday stress. 

What's the best piece of financial advice you've received?
I adore everything Denise Duffield-Thomas from Lucky Bitch and Scott Pape from The Barefoot Investor write... Plus they are both Australians keeping it VERY real! How lucky are we!! They have a stack load of free or low cost options that everyone has access to. Check them out!

What would you tell your younger self about money? And why?
Treat yourself! Being financially secure or savvy isn't about deprivation! Its about power! Don't deny the things in life that add immense value, that light you up and nurture you. These things may not necessarily be a large monetary amount either... Of course this needs to be measured but ultimately life is to be lived and filled with joy!

What are some of your earliest money memories?
For better or worse, it was that we didn't have money... It was a constant answer to any request for 'things'... On reflection that created a money story that we were 'poor' when in fact we were working middle class and certainly never missed out on anything. My parents aren't risk takers with their money and I think that has proved to be a winning and comfortable position to take and a value my husband and I now share. 

How would you define financial freedom?
Never having to 'stress' about money! In all seriousness worry about money is a HUGE contributing factor to stress, poor mental health and in some cases a mental health diagnosis and hospital admission. I see this EVERYDAY and it is devastating... Money makes the word go round and financial freedom is an achievable and very real possibility for many if you put the work in. Like everything in our lives we need to put the work in, remain true to ourselves and avoid falling victim to cultural 'norms' and expectations. Make it work for you and reach your financial freedom! 

Are there any other habits or tips about money you'd like to share?
If you have a partner, get on the same page, have the conversations, make it a priority. That doesn't mean you need to agree in all areas but open and honest conversations are essential! Don't keep secrets, equal responsibility and transparency is key. 

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