Spend on what you VALUE, not ‘on a whim’ purchases. Credit cards do not equal free money.

Tell us about yourself: 

I think of myself as a divinely-earthed mystic – my head and heart are dancing in the stars while my feet are firmly planted on the ground. I’m passionate about braiding the earth, soul, spirit and cosmos in to my work and creative expression.  I’m a mentor and coach for women committed to living in their fully exalted, goddess state here on earth. I want to see all women unleash their potent life force energy and live at their highest, light-filled potential in every moment.

What's the best piece of advice that you've received about money?

To not be frightened of it! There are often so many loaded emotions around the idea of money, but it's just another form of energy, and needs to be regarded as such.

What scares you most about money?

Haha, see above answer. I suppose what scares me most is what the concept of money can drive people to do in a negative sense; we've seen so much human greed and global market mayhem because of people's attachment to the accumulation of money.

 What has been your best investment?

Monetarily, so far it's my apartment I bought a couple of years ago. It was a huge leap for me, jumping into the property market and managing a mortgage on my own. But I did it, and I will be turning it into an investment property soon.

Non-monetarily - definitely my regular energy-oriented investments for my mind/body/soul's health. Our physical and energy body's health has a direct correlation to external flow (including wealth). If we're stagnant internally, we'll see that reflected to us externally. So I'm a huge fan of investing in this for me (and I encourage my spiritual mentoring clients to as well) - and it's something that always pays back major dividends!

How would you define financial freedom?

The ability do what you want, when you want to - without being restricted by cash flow.

Apart from money and assets, what other things in life contribute to wealth?

I believe in wealth and abundance in a very holisitic sense. I know many monetarily wealthy people who are internally tormented. I believe wealth is also: genuine heart felt connections and loving relationships, radical self care and connection with your soul, a nourishing spiritual practice, regular energy work, and laughter with lots of fun play time!

What advice would you give your younger self about money?

Don't spend more than you earn, and spend on what you VALUE, not 'on a whim' purchases. Credit cards do not equal free money. Save 10% of each payday automatically. (Just do it.) 




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