To be successful in everyday money management requires you to follow a system of simple habits and behaviours with your money. It’s not about budgeting and being restricted or controlled, but instead taking positive and intentional action to organise your income and align your spending to manifest a life you love.
— Lea Schodel, Founder of TMWM


Over 12 weeks, your mindful money coach will guide and support you to develop money practices that support you to be more intentional with your spending.

If experience has taught us something, it’s that budgets don’t work. It might sound like a strange statement coming from a money coach but it’s the truth, why?

Budgets are often managed retrospectively, meaning we set them and at the end of the month we review them to see how we went.   But tracking spending manually is a hard and boring process.   And when we feel restricted we have a natural tendency to rebel.

So what can we do instead?

We can create a mindful spending plan and manage it ‘forwards’.

It’s a less rigid method for managing our money, as there aren’t any guidelines or rules to tell us what we should and shouldn’t spend money on. Instead, we get to prioritize our spending and allocate our money to what is most important and what we value most in our lives. It’s about using our money intentionally to create a life we love!

And best of all, it’s not restrictive, it’s empowering!

The mindful spending coaching program is delivered over 12 weeks, via our 6 step mindfulness process:


We explore your current relationship with spending through creative exercises. We also take a look into your money past history and beliefs to gain the awareness and insight into what’s currently working and what’s holding you back.  

Step 4: ACTION

This is where the change starts to take place and we move away from wondering where our money went, to telling it where to go.

In other words, we create a mindful spending plan and choose how, when and where we are allocating money. This purposeful action will help you move closer to your goals.



We create a money flow diagram where together we sketch out the flow of your money and explore your current spending habits and financial priorities and identify any spending leaks.


We create a system for managing your new mindful spending plan. It's time to get out of your own way and create a structure for managing money that is simple and automated.

This may involve new accounts and automation of bills and payments to simplify and make it easier to manage your future spending.


We explore your goals and values when it comes to money, support you to set some savings targets and debt repayment strategies so that your money has both purpose and direction.


This is where you commit to making last change.

We will partner with you to provide accountability, support and coaching to help you fully embed your new mindful spending plan, keep you on track and guide you through any challenges.

Thanks also for the great session. I feel very safe in your hands and hopeful and positive about my financial future.
— Natasha


  • The 12 week coaching package includes:
  • 5 x 1 hour Personalised Online Coaching Sessions
  • 12 weeks accountability and support to embed new habits and behaviours
  • Support by Email / Facebook
  • Mindful Spending Plan  Resources, Tools and Worksheets
  • Your commitment to complete weekly tasks and activities 

What you’ll get out of it:

  • A new, empowered and less stressful relationship with money,
  • Clarity, control and peace of mind,
  • Self-awareness and knowledge of beliefs, habits and behaviours that will support you in your relationship with money.
  • Alignment of your spending with what your goals and priorities and what you value most
  • A simplified and automated process to manage your spending, free up the time and stress involved in managing your cashflow.
  • Fun and creative video coaching sessions
  • An accountability partner to help you succeed with habit and behaviour change to successfully implement your new mindful spending plan.
  • Access to support materials, tools and worksheets

What you need to know:

Here’s your first chance to practice making an intentional spending decision!

  • This Money Flow Coaching Package is a non-refundable investment in your relationship with money. It requires a weekly commitment and work on your part to create the right mindset, systems, habits and behaviours for your future financial success. It is not a weekly coaching program that you can stop at any time.
  • You can pay the cost in one payment upfront, or in smaller weekly payments that you can’t opt out of.  If you’re unsure and want to ‘test the waters’, please purchase a one-off personalised coaching session.
  • Why do we do this?  We want you to engage in this money decision mindfully and directly.  We’ve made this page thorough so you have what you need to make an informed decision.  So please, before you click the Buy button, think about whether it is right for you and talk to us if you have any questions.
  • We also want to work with people who are committed to the coaching process and who will do the exercises between the coaching calls.  All meaningful change requires action!
  • We understand that you might face ups and downs over the 12 week program.  But that’s life and no matter what’s happening, your money situation will still need to be faced.
  • If you hit resistance and can’t avoid taking time away from the coaching program, we will provide you access to recorded webinars in place of any coaching sessions you miss.  And you will still have access to our spending plan resources and tools so you can come back to the materials and learnings when you are ready.