Reach your money goals.  

Create the financial future you want.

Personalised support to create financial wellness.

Our 1:1 financial wellness coaching provides personalised support to help women like you make your dreams and wealth goals a reality.  If you’re committed to creating a healthy financial future for yourself, we’ll be your ‘go-to’ person, best supporter and accountability partner to make it happen.

We know how easy it is to get busy, distracted, emotional or complacent about your financial situation. 

Get the help and support you need to fast-track your goals, stay focused and create the financial future you want.

100% Personalised - it’s all about what’s best for you!


Be challenged, educated and inspired.

Working with a personal financial wellness coach can help you get to the heart of your money story.  You’ll be encouraged, guided, mentored and empowered on your journey to financial wellbeing.

Your coach will work with you to achieve your goals and work towards your own definition of wealth and financial freedom.  We’ll take a good look at where you are now and empower you with the tools and knowledge you need on your path for a positive financial future!

what's involved

  • We'll meet once a month via Skype or face to face* 
  • We will check in each week via email or Skype 
  • Together we will create a personal action plan to support your financial wellness journey 
  • You will develop a system, and gain access to our tools and resources to assist you to reach your goals 
  • You’ll receive suggestions for simple action-oriented steps to put your plan into practice. 

* You don't have to commit to a certain number of sessions. Initially we begin with monthly meetings, reducing after 3 sessions to quarterly if you prefer.  You can begin and end at anytime.

Some clients want one breakthrough session, others want 6 months or long-term support to encourage permanent and lasting change.


independent support for lasting change

Think of us as a money-oriented life coach rather than a traditional financial planner.  

We're keen to help you to create lasting, positive change towards financial wellness and to make informed decisions yourself about what is right for you. We don't try to sell you anything, although we can provide support with insurances and 'standard' financial planning if that's what you need.  

Each session will include discussions and planning, and in between you’ll be asked to complete a range of exercises, learning and development actions.  

Together we’ll put in place the mindset and knowledge to create a solid foundation to practice healthy money habits and smart money choices.  However, without action, you can’t achieve results!

Who is 1:1 financial wellness coaching for?

The most transformational results from our personalised coaching are achieved by smart, savvy women who:

  1. Have had one of those A-HA moments where they’ve realised that if they don’t change something about their money situation, the life they’ve always wanted to live won’t happen

  2. Have some pretty specific goals about the financial outcomes they want to achieve for themselves and their families
  3. Are in a time of transition (eg - new business, newly single or about-to-be, leaving a job or starting a new one) and want support to get on track to a new financial future

Personalised coaching is right for you if you’re committed to taking positive steps towards your financial well being. You’ll need to be open and honest with your coach about your money story, your journey so far and your dreams for the future.

If this sounds like you then financial wellness coaching can provide tremendous value.  

And we’d love to work with you. 


Still not sure if this is right for you?  Our personalised coaching may NOT be the best option if you:

  • Are seeking to address challenges with day-to-day cash flow, get basic finances sorted or close the gap between what you know you should be doing and what you’re actually doing.  We recommend our Journey to Mindful Wealth E-Course for self-paced learning or to join one of our Wellth Circles (group coaching programs). 
  • Are just starting out or building your cashflow, and want to learn financial basics and develop good money habits. We recommend you begin with our Wellness Jump Start bundle, plus use some of the amazing free online resources like Moneysmart, the Womens Money Toolkit and our FREE 30-day mindful wealth challenge.
  • Have pressing financial or debt problems.  Financial coaching is about creating longer-term lasting change, and setting you up for the future you dream of.  If you have immediate issues, we suggest you use the National Debt Helpline website and / or see a free financial counsellor.

Note:  We specialise in supporting women - and their partners and families.  If you’re a male wanting personalised financial coaching, contact us.  We know some great coaches who provide one-to-one wealth coaching for men.


Your Financial Wellness Coaching Team


Lea Schodel is the founder of The mindful wealth movement. With 17 years experience in financial services, she is a certified money coach, wellness coach, yoga teacher and writer, Lea’s passion lies in financial wellness and teaching women about money in a more holistic and creative way. 
As a coach, Lea typically works with global nomads, yogis, wellness entrepreneurs and leaders, healers, artists, teachers, creatives and dreamers who are seeking support in creating an authentic and purposeful relationship with money. One that brings balance and freedom.

Lea was named 2016 Money Management’s Young Achiever of the Year and won the 2017 AFA / TAL Female Excellence in Advice. She’s been featured in many publications including Wellbeing Magazine, ELLE Magazine, The Sydney Morning Herald Entrepreneur Magazine and The Age, and is a contributor to Wanderlust, OM Times, Yoganomous, Financy, YogiTimes, and Happy Well Magazines.

(face-to-face coaching available Brisbane & Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast and Bali)

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