Workshop 1


“The first step toward change is awareness.”

In this fun and interactive workshop, you’ll delve into your subconscious money beliefs, habits and attitudes to uncover what money and wealth signify for you.  By playing a ‘money personality’ card game to encourage self-reflection and awareness, you’ll expand your prosperity consciousness and lay the foundations for using money to support living a life you love.

| 90 minutes | 5th July (6-7.30pm) or 6th July (7-8.30am)

Workshop 2


“Tell your money where you want it to go, or you’ll end up wondering where it went.”

It’s time to be consistent with your money through intention! Beginning the cycle of creation of your own financial plan, we will explore our financial circumstances through defining past, present and future intentions. You’ll take an important step on your journey to abundance by creating a personal spending plan aligned with your goals and values.

| 90 minutes | 12th July (6-7.30pm) or 13th July (7-8.30am)

Workshop 3



“Clarity is a journey, it comes from action not thought.”

Gain clarity about the steps to take on your pathway to a life of abundance. Take charge of your finances and understand how to use money as a tool to create wellbeing in your life. In this workshop, you’ll create your own personalised financial plan using an online tool, with us supporting and coaching you the whole way.

| 2 hours | 26th July (6-8pm) or 27th July (7-9am)